HI-AMP Auto Reset Breakers


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HI-AMP Auto Reset Breakers

Hi-amp auto reset circuit breakers are designed to be mounted on any flat surface application. These hi amp breakers will operate/cycle continuously during an overcurrent condition in DC applications rated up to 30 volts.

Commonly referred to as type 1 circuit breakers.
Typically used in primary feeder circuits in trucks, buses, RVs and marine applications; also used in battery chargers and welding equipment.
The internal composite alloy material will deflect and separate the contacts when an over-current situation occurs and return to the run mode as it cools.
The auto reset circuit breakers operation will continue to recycle until the source of the overcurrent is removed or corrected.
Operating temperature: -25°F to 180°F. Storage temperature: -30°F to 300°F.
Splash and dust-proof.
Stud size: 1/4″, 28 threads per inch.