Titan BrakeRite Electric Hydraulic Brake Actuator Trailer Disc 1500 PSI


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Hydraulic BrakeActuator for Trailer Tandem Axle And Drum.
This unit is for the disc brakes 1500 PSI.

Titan’s BrakeRite EHB system is an electric over hydraulic braking system using electric power from the towing vehicle electrical system (Brake Controller). As the brake pedal is depressed and the brake controller come on, the BrakeRite is activated and the trailers hydraulic brakes are applied. The actual pressure control process is the result of an electric motor driven piston pump and electronically controlled pressure relief valve.

Electric over Hydraulic Drum brake actuator is compatible with all vehicle electric connectors and works with MOST in-cab controllers. We are having trouble with the Chevy in-cab controllers but works with Ford and Dodge. Titan’s BrakeRite EHB (electric hydraulic brake actuator) installs easily and delivers 75 cubic inches of volume per minute. The BrakeRite EHB will brake up to 4 axles supplying 1500 psi maximum pressure for disc brakes.
Vehicle must be wired with an in-cab electric brake controller (sold separately)

A proven track record of performance and reliability! Designed to be hard wired into your trailers electrical system. All components self-contained under the Brakerite’s cover.

The features of the BrakeRite include:

  • First in the field with an electronic proportional pressure valve.
  • The most rapid response from brake actuation to total dynamic braking in the industry.
  • On-going in-plant performance testing and each production unit is bench tested.
  • Hybrid electronic control board compatible with most in-cab brake controls
  • Pump / Motor based
  • Isolated fluid reservoir with control type valve filler cap