Stake Pocket Spare Tire Carrier


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Stake Pocket Spare Tire Carrier
Provides a removable spare tire mount on stake body trucks and trailers.
Fits wheels with the following bolt patterns: 5 on 4.5 in., 5 on 5 in., 6 on 5-1/2 in., and 8 on 6-1/2 in.
Corrosion-resistant black powder-coated finish.
Installation hardware is included.

Buyers Products Stake Pocket Spare Tire Carrier gives the tire extra clearance 6-1/2 inches out and 7-1/2 inches up from stake pockets.
It has three 5/8 in. holes and three 1/2 in. holes, and it includes 1/2 in. and 9/16 in. wheel studs with nuts to hold most 13 in. and larger wheels and tires.
Carrier fits most standard 3-1/2 in. and 3-3/4 in. stake pockets.
It is constructed from durable steel with a black powder-coated finish for corrosion resistance and comes out of the box ready to install.