Flash Aluminum Integrated Scale Adjustable Ball Mount 6″ Drop


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Flash Aluminum Integrated Scale Adjustable Ball Mount
Fast & Easy Adjustments
Polished Aluminum, Making your truck look its best
Precision Machined for strength and durability
Aircraft-grade aluminum for corrosion resistance and outstanding performance
Super strength alloy, for years of safe towing
1,000 lb. max tongue wt. / 10,000 lb. mx trailer wt.
2 & 2-5/16″ Ball

The FLASH™ Integrated Scale Ball Mount features a mechanical tongue scale built into the ball mount that measures the tongue weight of your trailer load, providing safer, more confident towing.
When loading a trailer, the tongue weight should be 10-15% of the total trailer weight. The FLASH ISBM makes it easy to know if your trailer is loaded properly by showing how much of the trailer weight is on the tongue. With a properly balanced load, you can enjoy improved steering, better braking control and reduced trailer sway.