Electric Smart Jack


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The new 3,500-pound capacity Smart Jack by Lippert Components offers many new features, never-before-seen on a power tongue jack. The new backlit control panel lets users easily operate the jack in the dark. The control panel also features a battery indicator that alerts the user of the remaining battery life. Halo effect LED lights shine down on the ball and coupler, where light is needed the most.

The Smart Jack features hitch recognition mode; press and release both the up and down arrow simultaneously 3 times within 2 seconds, and the jack will automatically retract or extend to the original hitch height position. Updated aesthetics give your trailer an updated look while hiding the motor and protecting it from the elements.

Kit comes complete with mounting hardware, foot pad and manual override crank handle in case of power failure. Features standard XL 9″ diameter footpad with four position height adjustments at 1 1/2″ increments


Backlit modern control panel replaces tired looking rocker switches
Battery indicator alerts user of remaining coach battery life
Auto-Hitch Memory Function. Smart Jack remembers where your hitch height is
Easy auto-retract feature retracts the jack to towing height without having to hold down the switch
Updated hood mirrors the design in today’s travel trailers and hides the motor, preventing cords and wires from becoming snagged
3,500-pound capacity
Easy access manual override on top of jack in case of power failure
30 AMP, 18″ stroke
Bright halo effect LED light package shines down onto your ball and coupler where light is needed the most
Backlit buttons illuminate when any button is hit, and turn off automatically to reduce battery drain