E-Z Flex Complete Tandem Kit


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How the E-Z Flex System Works:
The Dexter E-Z Flex Heavy Duty Rubber Suspension System simply replaces the standard steel equalizer and works with the trailer’s existing leaf springs. During travel, the E-Z flex System pivots and compresses to isolate and absorb damaging road shocks before they are sent to the trailer frame and its contents.

-Resilient rubber core isolates and absorbs damaging road shock before they are sent to the trailer’s frame and contents.
-Delivers smoother towing than the traditional leaf spring suspensions
-Retrofits to existing leaf spring suspensions by replacing the standard steel equalizer
-Easy installation requires no welding, grinding, or cutting of the trailer frame or hanger.

For 35″ axle spacing and axles up to 8000lbs. capacity.  26.00″ Double eye springs – tandem axles.

Kit Includes….
(12) Nut, Hex Lock (006-092-01)
(2) Shackle Bolt – 9/16″ (007-003-01)
(4) Step Bolt, Short Wet – 7/16″ (007-187-00)
(2) Equalizer Assembly (013-144-03)
(8) Bushing, Bronze (014-077-00)
(4) Shackle Link (018-024-01)
(4) Shackle Link Assembly (018-026-00)
(2) Hex Lock Nut 9/16″ – 18 Plated (006-007-01)
(1) Instruction Sheet (059-867-00)